Voice Systems

Voice Systems

There are many solutions to consider when implementing or upgrading voice systems.  These include:

Premise-Based Solutions: The business owns and manages the equipment on-site, and usually includes a maintenance contract for moves, adds and changes.

Hosted PBX Solutions: Hosted PBX phone service offers businesses all the advantages of utilizing VoIP without the large initial investment needed to purchase its own network equipment. 

Managed Solutions: A solution that enables a business to outsource the management of its PBX system, usually based a monthly charge agreement.

Hybrid Solutions: A combination of both Managed and Hosted arrangements, customized to the needs of the business. This solution is often the best option for larger businesses with multiple locations.

GCN will help to simplify and streamline the selection process, so you can focus on your business – not your phone system. We offer a wide variety of options that allow you to keep operating expenses down and direct these savings back into growing your business.


Voice solutions options